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Central MA Alliance of PACs (CMAPAC) for Special Education
Getting Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the CMAPAC. Since we realize not everyone wants to get involved in the same way, here are some options to chose from:

Volunteer on a subcommittee:

- Planning (meetings, workshops, family events, etc.)
- Outreach (to parents/educators/special ed. professionals)
- Legislative
- Public Relations (publicity)

or volunteer to sit on the Steering Committee.

Register for an Upcoming Event

To see a list of upcoming events, click this link:

Upcoming Events

Contact your legislators - Write a Letter, sign a Petition, or call their office

- Offer to send a letter to your legistators uring them to
support specific bills
- Call your legislator's office and let them know how you
feel on proposed legislation that relates to special

If you haven't contacted your legislators before and need some guidance on how to do it, just give us a call and we'll walk you through what the process is. We even have some sample templates of letters that can be customized and sent without having to draft the entire letter yourself.

To find out who represents your town or city, click this link and scroll down the page, then click on "Legislators - by city/town"

MA Statehouse - Legislators by city/town

How to register for our distribution list:

To contact Susan by phone, dial: (508)753-2425 and leave a detailed voicemail message including your name, telephone number, purpose of your call, a good time to return your call, and any other pertinent information

To contact CMAPAC by email, send to:

Parents, educators, administrators, and special education professionals are encouraged to register via email to ensure they receive up-to-date notices regarding CMAPAC's activities in between any future postal mailings. Please include the following information to register:

Name, address, telephone#, fax# (if you have one), and email address. Also, please let us know if you are a parent, an educator, an administrator, or a special education professional (and in what discipline, i.e. SP&L, OT, PT, etc.).