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Central MA Alliance of PACs (CMAPAC) for Special Education

- Do you want to start a PAC in your town?
- Do you want to connect and network with other PACs and/or other parents of children with special needs?
- Would you be willing to share what's worked for your PAC in making it effective for parents?
- Do you need some new ideas to renew your PAC?
- Would you like a CMAPAC representative to come to your PAC meeting to discuss the Central MA Alliance of PACs?

The goal of the CMAPAC is to form a strong alliance of those involved in special education within central MA -- not only parents, but educators, administrators, as well as special education professionals (Special Education teachers, Speech and Language professionals, Occupational Therapists, Inclusion Specialists, etc.)

By uniting with a commom goal and true team effort, we can provide students with disabilities the best possible educational outcome - a goal we all share.

Current goals of the CMAPAC:

- Obtain contact information for each PAC in central MA
- Obtain contact information for Special Education administrators in each school district in central MA
- Build the CMAPAC distribution list (parents, PAC members, special education administrators, regular education and special education teachers, OT's, PT's, Inclusion Specialists, clinical and medical professionals, special education evaluators, etc.)
- Schedule "CMAPAC Introduction Meetings" with each PAC
- Help create a "special education resource library" in each town's public library for parents of children with special needs to reference

How CMAPAC can help your PAC:

- Help start up a new PAC in your town
- Offer to attend your existing PAC to discuss the goals of the CMAPAC
- Provide ongoing PAC support (networking/information sharing)
- Help you locate other resources (workshop speakers, other PACs, disability web sites, disability agencies, etc.)
- Help your PAC build alliances with educators, administrators, and other special education professionals (SP&L, OT, etc.) in your district
- Offer training/workshops for parents and others involved in the delivery of special education services
- Advertise your PAC's meetings and workshops on the CMAPAC web site
- Assist in developing special education resource libraries in each town's public library
- Provide legislative updates related to special education
- Help parents learn to use today's technology (internet, email, etc.) to become more informed about disability information and resources
- You tell us...

How you can help the CMAPAC:

- Sign up on the distribution list
- Tell us about your PAC (who chairs it, when it meets, etc.)
- Tell other parents or PACs about the CMAPAC and ask them to sign up too
- Tell us who your Special Education Director is and how to contact them
- Offer to meet/talk with parents in a neighboring town that are trying to start up a PAC in their town
- Attend CMAPAC meetings and workshops
- Send information on your PAC meetings and workshops to us to publish on our website
- Help us build a strong PAC alliance in central MA so we can collectively work on legislative issues related to special education