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Central MA Alliance of PACs (CMAP) for Special Education

Who We Are, Where We've Been

The Central MA Alliance of Parent Advisory Councils (PACs), or "CMAP" for short, is just that -- an alliance of Special Education PACs in Central Massachusetts. In many ways, it will serve as a local version of "MASSPAC" (Mass. Association of Special Education Parent Advisory Councils), by helping new PACs get started, helping existing PACs by providing information and support, providing updates on legislative actions related to special education, etc.

That's not to say that parents in Central MA should not join MASSPAC and attend their meetings. MASSPAC is an excellent organization, run by dedicated and knowledgeable people, which all parents of children with disabilities should be aware of as it has much to offer. Besides great quarterly informational meetings and newsletters, the MASSPAC website is a wonderful resource.

Click here to visit MASSPAC's website (

CMAP is a grass-roots, parent-run organization intended to serve parents of children with disabilities in 64 cities and towns in Central Mass. It was formed with the same city/town regional guidelines as DMR's (Dept. of Mental Retardation) "Central Region".

The former "Legislative Action Committee" which met in Worcester for several months prior to CMAP's inception will form the basis of its Legislative SubCommittee. The CMAP will be similar in many ways to the former "SPEDNET" which was a network of Special Education groups which is no longer operational.

CAMP's first official meeting will take place Wednesday, 8/23/00, at 7:00 p.m. at the Seven Hills Foundation, 81 Hope Ave., Worcester, MA.